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Manufacturer representation and distribution is our core business. We represent a growing cache of local and international brands which we support and develop with innovatory planning, cutting edge technology, strategic marketing communication and customized distribution network.

Corporate partnership is the base rock of our engagements; we pride ourselves in the quality of our services and our excellent working relationship with our clients and partners. Ensuring optimal service delivery through innovation and passionate implementation is how we stay in business.

Through strategic corporate partnership and targetted hiring, E-Technos have continued to keenly develop its capacity to take on all magnitudes of projects, no matter their technical complexity.

With our partners, we have implented projects on nationwide scale and our clientele comprise government/agencies, corporate businesses, unions/NGOs and private individuals.


We represent a growing list of foreign and local manufacturers with proven brands. We play active roles in introducing new products into the market, provide manufacturers with valuable market data that guides product development which enable them to better serve their market and compete favourably, and provide clients and customers with excellent support services.


Distribution is pivotal to our overall operation. We design and implement tailor-made, product-specific market penetration and distribution plans for our corporate partners and other contracting entities. This includes demand generation, deals development and negotiation, and supply of efficient logistical support for projects of varying complexity. Distributing foreign brands makes transborder operations integral to our services.


Our Information technology services equip us for optimal deployment of our partner manufacturers' products and services, making them more aptly deployed and adapted for acquirers' existing system of operation. Through technology integration, we are also able to open newer frontiers for products that we distribute or represent by packaging them into tailor-made solutions for prospective entities including government, corporations and organsations.


Public Private Partnership is another core aspect of our engagement. Profit is the sole purpose of capitalism, but that is not the entire story as far as E-Technos is concerned. The economic implications and social impacts of our projects, partnerships and products are given as much consideration in our policy formulation and decision making.

E-Technos operates partnerships of various forms with businesses and government on specific projects and we are proud of our 100% success rate on all implemented projects. Our in-house capacity and technical relationships have been deliberately configured and developed over the years to position us to undertake projects of all degrees of complexity.

Seun Falana Director, Business development and partnerships


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